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Business Domains

“SUPER CYCLE” is our attempt at bringing Emotion to sports.
We buy and sell road bikes, mountain bikes, crossbikes, mini vélos etc at high prices. We also buy and sell handling frames, wheels, components, and accessories.
We've opened our real shop in summer 2014 in Nagoya City.
Our clients are increasing with the recent general growth in cyclists population and our unique online system for bicycles automated price estimation.

Customers can try our “30 seconds Free Easy Assessment” before selling their bike. Only customers satisfied with the assessment can then sell their bikes to us. Anyone can take on our assessment 24/7, all year round from anywhere provided they have access to the Internet.

We send our original cardboard carrier, air packing, wheel bag, allen key (allen wrench) to the customer for packing the bike. Your beloved bike will receive all the care needed for a new start.

SUPER CYCLE’s poster girl is Kurumi Saionji. She is sixteen years old, and is member to the bicycle club at her high school.
Find her♥ in our NEW Android and iOS app, “CYCLE DASH”